An Exemplary Case of Love Without Respite

"An Exemplary Case of Love Without Respite"  (trailer) A two minute trailer documenting the project "An Exemplary Case of Love Without Respite" presented April 17th, 18th, and 19th, in an abandoned factory in Traiskirchen and the Charim Galerie. Direction and Concept Derrick Ryan Claude Mitchell. Camera and Editing: Alexander Nowak. Music: Brian Lawlor Sound Engineering:... Read more

Luminato Festival Ancillary Performances

June 10th – 14th For Luminato’s Paradisiacal Rites premiere, Mr. Mitchell pursued another  series of “action images” at secluded and secret locations in and around Toronto. His site and time specific performance exhibitions known as Variations i, ii, iii, iv, v will began at Dawn (5:36am) and continued with the recreation of Buster Simpson’s Woodman as a 34k procession to Daniel Faria Gallery where… Read more

Toronto’s Luminato Festival

We were honored to be in Toronto presenting the Canadian premiere of Paradisiacal Rites at the prestigious Luminato Festival, June 10-14. From Luminato’s website: “Paradisiacal Rites is artistic provocateur Derrick Ryan Claude Mitchell’s most ambitious piece to date. A non-narrative exploration of American hysteria, nationalistic vanity and utopian fervor, Paradisiacal Rites examines the delirious final moments of The Peoples… Read more


These aesthetics and ideas and models for performance were developed while in residence at Mighty Tieton in the small township of Tieton WA. Director Derrick Ryan Claude Mitchell, by the skin of his teeth, pulled together the most exciting and prolific artists from Seattle, San Francisco, and New York, brought them (perhaps against their better... Read more

The Lawrimore Project

Home to one of the most important gallerys in Seattle’s history Director Derrick Ryan Claude Mitchell with the support of gallerist Scott Lawrimore re-appropriated the woe-gone and empty 5,000 sq ft warehouse that was once home to the Lawrimore Project. We entered this abandoned and forgotten space thinking the unthinkable, maintaining the unmaintainable, and knowing... Read more