The Lawrimore Project

Home to one of the most important gallerys in Seattleā€™s history Director Derrick Ryan Claude Mitchell with the support of gallerist Scott Lawrimore re-appropriated the woe-gone and empty 5,000 sq ft warehouse that was once home to the Lawrimore Project. We entered this abandoned and forgotten space thinking the unthinkable, maintaining the unmaintainable, and knowing all along that once engaged we could never stop, never faultier, and never look back. For if we stopped; even for a moment, we may have been overwhelmed by the enormity of our task, we may have remembered that we were exhausted, that we have been struck and were bleeding in a lonely and unmarked grave that had been long forgotten by the rest of the city. We may have allowed ourselves to be broken by our own whirling history; not yet made tangible.


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