These aesthetics and ideas and models for performance were developed while in residence at Mighty Tieton in the small township of Tieton WA. Director Derrick Ryan Claude Mitchell, by the skin of his teeth, pulled together the most exciting and prolific artists from Seattle, San Francisco, and New York, brought them (perhaps against their better judgement) to the isolated town of Tieton WA. Hidden away on beautiful vista in a remote region of Central Washington Tieton has been transformed by visionary book publisher Ed Marquand where there were once apple storage warehouses there are now epic and inspirational artist studios, abandoned storefronts are now printing presses, and community events flourish.

With reckless abandon Saint Genet moved into one of these empty spaces, slept, ate, and worked together for seven days and nights creating the new and experimental vocabulary that would eventually be termed Dramaturgial Diagnostic Dialogues (Conceptual Evidence of Dramaturgical Investigation of Poetic Form) allowing the Poetic and Imagistic truth to contract and expand new visual narratives. Each artist committing to manifest a scared space our empty warehouse was transformed by discourse investigating Ritual, Environment, Installation, Costume and Mask, Modes of Being, Movement and Dance, Sound and Music, Hysteria, Altered States, Impossible Poetic Actions, Blood, Booze and Betrayal. At Tieton our new foundations and methods of modern performance practice were created forcing us to boldly present our collective Aesthetic Declarations Transports of Delirium: Aesthetic Acesis in 4 Acts.


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